Selling Dreams


Selling Dreams
Selling Dreams
Selling Dreamsn

The home sharing platforms drastically changed Mark's life. From a cosy and normal family life, this young man entered in the vortex of a rather unusual and adventurous life experience.

From now on, Mark makes a living by renting beautiful flats, living himself exclusively in hotel rooms, changing address everyday.

Unveiling his rare strategies of success, selling tailor made dreams for guests looking for a "true Scandinavian experience", Mark pushes the home sharing system to its extreme. Thanks to this experience, he found a new form of freedom combining a high level of material detachment with a maximum of mobility.



France, 2016, HD, couleurs, 11'+ 23'
Image : Ila Bêka
Sound : Louise Lemoine
Editing : Louise Lemoine & Ila Bêka
Production : Bêka & Partners