La Maddalena by Ila Beka & Louise Lemoine


rem koolhaas
rem koolhaas
rem koolhaas

For the 14th International Architecture Exhibition, Ila Bêka & Louise Lemoine have been commissioned by Rem Koolhaas, the exhibition curator, to work on a very specific site on the Northern part of Sardinia.

The former Arsenal, partly planned by Stefano Boeri on the island of La Maddalena for the G8 in 2009, is one of the darkest moments of Italian politics in recent years - a polluted, abandoned and inaccessible site. The story of a disaster, symbolizing one of the largest financial and environmental squanders in recent years.

Just 3 miles away, the island of Budelli is an earthly paradise. Mauro Morandi, solitary guardian of the island, has been living for more than 25 years as a Robinson Crusoe of the XXI century. Using what the storms and tides spill onto the beaches, he creates objects, sculptures and furniture. La Maddalena Chair is one of his creations, made of wood reclaimed from the sea and pieces of Murano glass from the facade of the former Arsenal.

The two videos, presented in the installation, bring face to face two stories of lonely resistance in reaction to the waste the G8 affair embodies: the political reflection of Stefano Boeri who comes back on the reasons of this painful failure and the poetic act of Mauro Morandi which, through recycling, makes us think about the ethics of creation.



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